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Changemakers explores BC’s culture of innovation by profiling leading edge thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, educators and activists who are working to create a better world.

Subjects include:

Meg Hickling
Pioneering author and sex educator Meg Hickling looks back over her 40 year career starting in the early 1970s when talking about sexual health wasn’t only taboo, but dangerous, to today, having directly taught 400,000 children, parents and professionals.

Tzeporah Berman
Environmental Activist Tzeporah Berman explains why Climate Change is a tipping point moment in history and posits that the best way forward is not to divide the world between good guys and bad guys, but to engage the halls of power to transform society and create a better world for everyone.

Sarah Blyth
Community Activist Sarah Blyth has been working on the front lines of the drug crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side for more than a decade. She sits down at the Overdose Prevention Society to talk about trust, community and hope.

Dr. Julio Montaner
Dr. Julio Montaner arrived in Vancouver just as it was becoming an epicentre for the HIV/AIDS crisis in the mid-1980s. In this episode of Changemakers, the physician, researcher, and professor recounts his journey and explains how his pioneering therapy and the creation of the “prevention as treatment” strategy has saved millions of lives around the world.



Genre: Documentary
Format: TV Series
Episodes: 1 × 30′, 10 × 3′ (approx)