Imagine Create provides full script-to-screen production services for live-action, stop motion animation, and mixed medium production. Our portfolio of service work includes branded content, advertising and promotional video for international brands, professional sports franchises, NGOs, governments and corporations.

When you collaborate with Imagine Create you access our industry-leading expertise in production financing, Canadian tax credit compliance, live-action commercial production and stop motion animation. Specifically, our production services include:

  • Development
  • Scripting
  • Live Action Production
  • Casting and Voice Record
  • Animation Planning and Storyboarding
  • Character, Prop and Set Fabrication
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Stop Motion Compositing
  • Full Post Production Services

Service clients also benefit from our strategic partnerships with broadcasters, streaming platforms, digital marketing firms, distributors, media placement agencies, and our roster of top tier designers, artists, animators and writers.

Imagine Create can also help your qualifying production access the tax credits available here in British Columbia, including the BC Production Services Tax Credit (28% of labour), the BC Digital Animation Tax Credit (16% or labour), The Canadian Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (16% of labour), Canadian Content tax credits, and regional top-ups for an additional 12% of labour, when applicable.

To learn more contact our Head of Production, Tracey Mack at