Space Suite to air on Knowledge Network

We are please to announce that Knowledge Network will air our documentary, Space Suite, on September 30th, 2015 at 7pm!.

A star dies in a supernova explosion, and curtains of light— the aurora borealis – dance before our eyes. Galaxies collide. Comets flash across the sky. The moon arcs across night’s horizon, inspiring poets and dreamers. An astronaut floats above a silent blue Earth. This evocative series of 10 short films captures the vast beauty and mystery of our universe. Scientific fact combines with ancient lore and literature to reflect our starry fascination with the cosmos— from the Big Bang to the Sun’s sad demise billions of years in the future. Underscoring the movement of planets and stars are harmonious selections from classical music, including Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in G minor, Op. 8; Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”; and Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G major.