The Gumboot Kids

The Gumboot Kids

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The Gumboot Kids is an award-winning 360° property with extensions into television, publishing, live events, digital games, and music publishing. The Gumboot Kids is about the joy and wonder of exploring the natural world. The property features two lovable stop-motion characters: Scout, a curious mouse who leads the Gumboot Kids through a series of clues that take them outdoors to solve nature mysteries, and Daisy, a craft- loving mouse who finds inspiration in the natural world.The series mixes the magic of traditional stop-motion animation with 2D CGI and live action, each episode of The Gumboot Kids has a fun, tactile and visually rich take on the themes of science, nature play and mindfulness. The visual style and lively original music infuse the series with a joyfulness and delight that is unrivalled in the preschool space.


Genre: Preschool
Format: TV Series
Episodes: 20 × 22′