The Gumboot Kids

The Gumboot Kids

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The Gumboot Kids is an award-winning series about the joy and wonder of exploring the natural world. The show features two lovable stop-motion characters: Scout, a curious mouse who leads the Gumboot Kids through a series of clues that take them outdoors to solve nature mysteries, and Daisy, a craft- loving mouse who finds inspiration in the natural world.

Mixing the magic of traditional stop-motion animation with 2D CGI and live action, each episode of The Gumboot Kids has a fun, tactile and visually rich take on the themes of science, nature play and mindfulness. The visual style and lively original music infuse the series with a joyfulness and delight that is unrivalled in the preschool space.

The series was created and originally produced in smaller segments as Scout & The Gumboot Kids (60×5’), Daisy & The Gumboot Kids (20×3’) and Jessie & The Gumboot Kids (40×2.5’), and for the first time is being repackaged with new content and offered as The Gumboot Kids (20×11’).

The Gumboot Kids property is already critically acclaimed, market-tested and winning hearts in Canada (CBC), Australia (ABC), South Korea (JEI TV), and Hong Kong (Fantastic TV).


Genre: Preschool
Format: TV Series
Episodes: 20×11′